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What is Versaspot?

VersaSpot is a unique portable adapter (patent pending under U.S. Pat. App Serial No: 29/633,948) that serves as an attachment to an existing power-rack (also referred to as "cage", "half-rack", "full rack", or "squat rack"). The device serves as the optimal approach to performing dumbbell press exercises more safely and effectively than the conventional approach. The average person, using the VersaSpot (FOR THE FIRST TIME!) is capable of performing 15-30% more weight when compared to traditional approach. Stop wasting energy and losing reps using the old technique.

It's an uncontested fact that dumbbell presses are, and always have been, among the MOST effective (AND SAFEST from a joint perspective) body building movements for building muscle while shaping and strengthening supporting stabilizer muscle fibers. For years, lifters and body building have been greatly limiting what they are capable of performing. Stop cutting yourself short and unlock your true dumbbell pressing abilities NOW!

"HOW, MUCH CAN YOU DUMBBELL PRESS?" - The VersaSpot Challenge IS ON!! (visit to post your achievements with or without our device)

What can VersaSpot do for YOU?

Watch demonstration video below!

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  • Price: $219.00
  • NOW OFFERING TWO PRODUCTS: 1) VersaSpot LS® for Racks with 1" Holes, 2) VersaSpot SS® for Racks with 5/8" Holes!  Select product at checkout that fits YOUR rack. 
  • For Racks with 1" Holes: ACME Stud Diameter: 0.875" (7/8") grade 8 galvanized steel  (7/8"-6 ACME thread with custom nut)
  • For Racks with 5/8" Holes: 1/2"-13 Grade 8 High Strength Steel
  • Min Width Hole CL to Hole CL: 43"
  • Max Width Hole CL to Hole CL: 61"
  • Materials: 2" x 2" x 13 ga USA Steel | 1.75" x 1.75" x 11 ga (telescoping centerbeam) | 1/8" thick EPDM rubber boots (Durometer=70-80)
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lb dumbbells x 2 (500 lb total) [Both Products]
  • Weight: 28 lbs (12.7 kg)
  • Stored footprint: 44"L x 14"W x 5" H
  • Unit tested under the most stringent safety regulations imposed by International Standards (ISO) 201957-1,2,4(2005). Unit is compliant with all ISO standards and is qualified for both Class H (domestic use or "Home") and Class S (professional and commercial use or "Studio"). 


VersaSpot serves as the ultimate platform to perform heavy dumbbell movements. 

The VersaSpot is an adapter that fits any squat rack with drilled holes. Here's what you'll need:

  • Full or half squat rack (or Power Rack)
  • Bench 
  • Dumbbells


VERSASPOT® is proudly manufactured and welded together using the only the highest grade USA steel in our very own Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin at Benz Metal Products Inc.! You'll know you have a quality product for life once you pick up the package, unpack it, and feel the heft and high quality of the product. 


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Customer support: (847) 979-0176 /